Missouri, Please Commute Death Sentence of Marcellus Williams

Missouri, please commute death sentence of Marcellus Williams

Marcellus Williams is on death row in Missouri for a murder that DNA evidence supports he didn’t commit. Show your support for commuting his sentence by signing the petition above.


On August 22, 2017, Former Governor Greitens signed executive order 17-20 which stayed the execution of Marcellus Williams, and created a Board of Inquiry to “consider all evidence presented to the jury, in addition to newly discovered DNA evidence, and any other relevant evidence not available to the jury.”

At the time of the stay of execution, two DNA experts reviewed new DNA evidence and concluded Williams was excluded from male DNA found on the knife used in the stabbing murder of Felicia Gayle on August 11, 1998, for which Marcellus was convicted and sentenced to death.

Since the creation of the Board, a third leading expert in DNA analysis has also concluded that the man who left his DNA on the murder weapon is not Marcellus. With Governor Greitens’ departure, the future of the Board is uncertain.

Please show your support for Innocence Project and Midwest Innocence Project client Marcellus Williams.

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