Support New York’s Groundbreaking Pretrial Justice Reforms

Speak up to protect meaningful discovery in New York

When the New York State legislature was last in session, it passed groundbreaking reforms that will meaningfully change how pretrial justice is administered in the state.

Governor Cuomo signed a law reforming the cash bail system so that a person’s wealth, or lack thereof, will not determine whether he or she awaits a trial at home or in jail. This means that people who have been accused of a crime will be less likely to plead guilty to crimes they did not commit in order to avoid spending time in jail before going to trial.

The recent reforms also require that key evidence — like witness statements and police reports — be shared with the defense well in advance of a plea agreement, so that innocent people are not coerced into pleading guilty to crimes they did not commit. Previously, defendants would typically receive this “discovery” evidence on the eve of a trial, or even on the day of the trial itself, leaving them with inadequate time to investigate the evidence.

Since these reforms were passed, law enforcement and prosecutorial communities in New York State have sought to roll them back. It is crucial that the lawmakers who passed these reforms hear from you so they know how important the protection of these laws is to their constituents.

Call your lawmaker today to thank them for supporting this groundbreaking legislation and ask for their continued support of these new laws. 

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